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Who We Are?

VURO, India's first 3D printing online marketplace, is a part of the STPL (Sahajanand Technology Private Limited), Surat, Gujarat.

Regarded as a trendsetter in the global diamond industry, STPL sets new strandars with each of its new offerings.

VURO pioneers in rapid prototyping & additive manufacturing services. With great proficiency in the 3D printing technology, VUO wishes to pursue the path innovation, technical finesse and cusomrer satisfaction.

Why 3D Printing

  • Are your projects getting slowed by long turnaround time?
  • Is the time or cost of machined parts getting in your way?
  • Is time the major constraint for your manufacturing unit?
  • Is wastage of raw material your biggest concern?
  • Stuck at manufacturing a complex design?   


Industries we serve

Engineering Industries
Automotive Industries
Architecture Designing
Art and Jewellery

Our Services

Rapid Prototyping

Recreation of new prototypes from existing designs and bettering them with profitable inputs. With easy access to design verification that matches reality, You can rely on quick response and consistent support from our end.


Additive Manufacturing increase both the productivity of the tools and the product quality. VURO allows you to produce jigs, fixtures and tool masters and low volume production tooling.

Mold Making

Complicated, time-consuming and often requiring expensive outsourcing, but with 3D Printing, molding can look quite different. Create molds with complex shapes and superior durability in minimum time.

Functional Testing

VURO believes that the quality of the product is not only about the visual impact and dimensions, it’s also about the durability, strength, and resistance that make the models perform well during the testing phase.


Reverse Engineering

3D technologies are enhancing not only the ability to create something new but also to reverse engineer those products that already exist.

End Use Parts

Work on the customized needs of your customers and produce on-demand models. VURO gives you end-to-end freedom in creating products that are ready to serve an initial purpose.

Mock Ups

With VURO and with 3D technology you can actually discover that producing complex multi part models doesn’t have to be time-consuming and requires manual effort. Instead, you can produce an exact design without paying extra for intricate elements.

Low Volume Productions

3D printing doesn’t impose limits on the number of prototypes you can print. Before you decide to produce your product on a large scale, run a thorough testing to reduce the risk connected with the product launch.

Let's work on your plan

Sahajanand Estate, Vakhariawadi,
Near Dabholi Char Rasta,
Ved Road, Surat - 395 004.
GJ, India.

+91 99251 13344



Dhaval Gajjar

We were looking for a custom camera stand for 360 degree video production and it was only available through some foreign developer's website and costing around 13000 Rs. Then we came to know about VURO and contacted them about our requirement.
They told us very confidently about designing custom stand as per requirement and we were shocked to know the pricing from VURO because they quoted 3x times lower then the available stand from foreign. After starting development of stand they keep updating about the design and made within very short span. They made the exact stand that we wanted.
I strongly recommend VURO for the people who want to built their custom prototype or any design.


What is the process for submitting my file for print?

You can upload your model in .STL file format on

What is the maximum file size of a 3D file upload?

The recommended maximum file size for your model is 25MB. If your file is larger than that, you can drop us your details and we'll get back to you, shortly.

How long will it take to print?

Printing usually takes hours, depending on the level of detail of the .stl file and other specifications. Larger, more precise models can take significantly longer to print. We can give you an estimated time for your print before adding it to the queue.

What is the material used for printing?

PLA or ABS depending upon your requirement. PLA is a high performance composite PLA (Poly lactic Acid) which is made from corn starch and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is part of the thermoplastic polymers family.

What colors are available?

We have filament available in various colors, but product can only be printed in single tone.

Are my files treated confidentially

Yes. Knowing that you probably spent several hours or days on your design, we treat it with confidentiality. We don't publish renders or photos of your design, nor make the design available for everyone, without your permission. The uploaded models cannot be downloaded by anyone but us.

How much will the printing cost?

After receiving your .STL file, we'll review it and depending on your specifications, we'll give a quote and start working on it after your acknowledgement.

Where can I track the progress of my order?

We're just a call away! You can call us and we'll update you with the current status of your product.

How can I upload multiple files?

If there are multiple parts in a product, like in jewelry, you can get in touch with our team at or give us call: +91-9925113344. Our team will take care of the rest.

How can I track my shipment?

Once the product is ready, we will email you the tracking details.

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