5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas below 2000 Rupees

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching ….. and you didn’t think through.

Valentine’s Day is the toughest day to shop for. You don’t want to be too cheesy with chocolates or flowers but you also don’t want to go over the top. You need to come out of the regular clichés; need to find something that resonates and truly expresses what you feel. Yes, a romantic dinner sounds a good idea but how often can you repeat that? Oh, the difficult times!

Trust us, we understand the hardships. But we feel Valentine’s Day should be more than giving a gift just to your spouse or girlfriend (or Boyfriend.)

Don’t you feel it’s a good day to make everyone in your life feel a little more loved? To appreciate them? Make your family and friends an equal part of this celebrations. We are sure the happiness will multiply and your bond will strengthen.

Here we have an easy guide to help you figure out Valentine’s Day Gift that are below 2000 rupees. Even after the reasonable pricing, all products are made of superior quality. You are bound to impress anyone you gift it to!


  1. 3D Selfie: How would you like to see yourself in a 3D miniature? You will definitely feel appreciated and valued, won’t you?
    Make your friends and family feel the same with our 3D Selfie.
  2. Lithophane Photoframe: This is an ideal Valentine’s Day Gift for family. What beautiful way to capture your vacation’s memorable moments than in a Lithophane Photo?
    Lithophane photo when lit from behind uses the thickness of the print to show varying shades of grey. It’s truly an exclusive gift that will make your gift stand out among others.
    You can choose from a range of products according to your budget – Lamp, Night Bulb, Lamps and Key Chain. Moreover, everything is at a discounted price! Hurry!
  3. Mobile Stand: Everyone thinks of mobile covers, no one thinks of mobile stands. That’s where we come in.
    Mobile Stands come really handy when you want to watch movies or series of your favourite show. The quirky colors, diverse designs as well as reasonable prices is an ideal combination. That’s why they come in our list of Valentine’s Day Gift!
  4. Unique Pen Stand:
  5. Couple Figurine Lampshade:

What gift idea is your favourite? Share your thoughts in comment section. Or you can also share our post to give your friend’s some much needed ideas!