6 Unique 3D Printed Gifting Ideas for International Women’s Day 2018 | VURO

Make the women in your lives feel special with unique gifts this International Women’s day 2018

March 8 is an extremely significant date. This is the day the United Nations chose for celebrating the contribution and rights of women towards society as a whole in 1975. Since then, International Women’s day has been a day for celebrating the contributions women make to the society, family and the workplace.

There is absolutely no man in this world who can claim that he can live his life without the help, caring and contribution of his wife, daughter, female office colleague, secretary, nurse, teacher, mother or any other role that the various women in our lives take part in. This Women’s day, let us make the women in our lives feel special with gifts they will never forget for a lifetime, with the best 3D effects.

It’s the thought that you put in your gift, not the gift itself

Agreed, giving a gift to a woman can be a confusing proposition for most men, considering their finicky nature. But if they realise that you have indeed put a lot of thought and thinking into the gift that you are giving them, they will surely appreciate it and remember this deed of yours for eternity.

At Vuro, we help gift the women in your lives a gift they will forever cherish, a gift which will remain close to their heart and one which they will appreciate whether she is your mother, sister, wife or friend. A personalized gift for your women employees, female colleagues, teachers or mentors can motivate them to perform better in their role and make them feel special for the often unappreciated work they do.

International Women’s Day Gifting Ideas from VURO

1. Spirituality Idols

For those moms, teachers, wives, sisters or colleagues who find solace in spirituality, Vuro brings to you specialised 3D idols of Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha to begin with. 3D printed idols are almost impossible to produce conventionally but they are some of the finest examples of how latest technologies like 3D printing has the potential to revolutionise our lives with affordable, efficient and easy to use technology.

2. Vases and Planters

A vase or a planter can make any empty space look glamourous with its charm and elegance. If the person you are intending to gift has been trying to get the right vase or planter for her house or office for quite some time and has been unsuccessful till now, here is your chance to help her out in your best possible way. You can choose from Vuro’s collection of Vases or planters or if you have a design in mind, you can get one custom-designed by us.

3. Home Decor

Wall hangings, showpieces, wall clocks and statues are some of the most popular items, if you want to gift the conventional way, especially gifting for corporates. With 3D printed home decor items available at Vuro, you give something truly special to the women in your life.

4. Book ends

This Women’s Day, gift the most important women in your lives - the one organiser of books that will give any room an extra touch of kitsch besides helping to sort the various books that she may be reading at any point of time. The 3D printed book ends available at Vuro are unique and you will not find any of these designs anywhere else.

5. Amplifiers

Is your wife, girlfriend, colleague or mother a music connoisseur? This special women’s day, let her enjoy the day dedicated to womanhood with a 3D printed amplifier for her mobile phone. She can now listen to her favourite radio station or playlist while doing her chores or working and enjoying better quality of sound with a fashionable twist. Check out our Amplifier collection here for more.

6. Personalized Gifting

As mentioned earlier, women appreciate the act of being gifted, not the value of the gift. One sure shot way to make any gift special is to personalize it. With Vuro, you have many options- you can capture any special memory of yours in your hands-almost literally! You can send us your favourite photo with your lady love and we can make lithophane key chains, personalised lithophane backlit photoframes, lithofane lamps or night bulbs with it. To see how it will look, click here.