Custom Corporate Gift Ideas - Add a personal touch to your gifting needs

Giving and taking gifts has been a tradition that has been ingrained in human culture, where it is part of the etiquette to give or take gifts during certain auspicious occasions.

So, why do we give gifts to one another?

There is one simple reason for this-we want to appreciate the relationship we have with that person; be it of love, of professional nature or due to social etiquettes. In the current professional world, corporate gifts for employees, clients and vendors have almost become an obligation for appreciating their efforts and business they bring to the table.

Many a times we are confused, what is the best corporate gift that can be given? How do I send out customized corporate Diwali gifts? What would be the best Corporate Gifts for Holi, Christmas or other festivals? Well, for all of this you need to plan well in advance and keep many factors in consideration to conclude what you can gift something which should not only be special but should also be something that the recipient would cherish forever.

Why is Corporate Gifting so much important?

Whether it is a prospective client, a loyal client, an employee at your firm or even a peon, everyone plays an important role in ensuring that your company works as is required. A corporate gift makes everyone feel special, makes them feel cared and that the company is not merely a means to seek business or your services, but it values the hard work, dedication and interest you put to the table.

Corporate gifting is not just a way to appreciate the relationship between employer-employee, client-vendor or prospect-client, it is also a very effective marketing tool, one which can save you loads of money on what would be marketing campaigns which may or may not have the fullest impact on your target audience.

Let’s see a few benefits of Corporate gifting-

Raising Brand Awareness

When you want to raise brand awareness, corporate gift or freebies is the best available option. As mentioned earlier, whenever someone uses any of your given gifts, he/she is surely to be reminded of the products/services that you render.

Developing Business to Business(B2B) Relationships

One must understand that after all, every prospect, loyal customer, vendor or any third party dealing with the company are comprised of people, and people love receiving gifts. Once they receive a gift, they will surely appreciate it and the gift will remind them of you. If you give a gift that they use frequently in office, it will always remind them of you. This goes a long way in developing long-lasting Business-to-Business Relationships where personalized gifts need to be well thought about so that they are forever cherished by the receiver.

Helping Develop Employee Relations

The employer-employee relationship is more than just paying for the work/services offered. Besides being fairly remunerated, employees want to be recognised for the efforts they bring to the table. Corporate gifts for employees can remind them that the company appreciates the work they do for them and it can also be a motivational tool for them to go the extra mile as and when needed.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty

A Corporate Gift for your Clients is a likely way to maintain customer loyalty. It enforces the business links between your firms and that you value your clients’ business relationship no matter how much value it gives you. These gifts make your clients feel that they are valued, and that their business is important to you. This positive feeling increases customer loyalty.

Personalized Gifts vs. Traditional Gifts

Generally, in India, gift giving has traditionally meant going to the market, getting something, wrapping it up and giving it to the concerned person. There was no thought put into making sure that the person to whom the gift is given to truly feels special and appreciates the value and thought put into the gift. This has now changed for the better. Now traditional gift giving has given way for personalized gifts for every occasion- be it corporate gifting, anniversary gifting, birthday gifting and so on.

So, coming to the point, what is personalized gifting?

It is gifting something to someone who will always remember you for that gift you presented him/her with- it can be anything- from a simple engraved keychain to custom-designed jewellery and everything in between. Gifting these days is not just about the social custom, you need to ensure that the recipient of the gift feels special with the gift.

Traditionally we have seen our parents ‘recycle’ gifts- if someone has gifted us something that we already have, we then ‘re-gift’ it to someone else when socially obligated to do so. With personalized gifts this is no longer the case. In fact, the days of gifting obnoxious plasticky wall clocks and showpieces have now become history. Nowadays, Personalized Products is only a few clicks away and you can get the best options available to you within your budget provided you place the order reasonably well in advance.

Personalized Gifting Ideas now possible through VURO

If you see in the market today, there are many ways in which you can personalise a host of products- you can print your image on a mug, you can get a T-shirt printed of your choice, so on and so forth. With VURO, we aim to take the personalization experience to a whole new level with the latest in 3D Printing technology.

We invite you to send us your ideas, thoughts and designs; we want to help you make these ideas, thoughts and designs into something real, something that you and the person you are going to gift to will cherish forever, with the help of 3D printing. At VURO, we help you to get the right customized corporate gifts, according to what you expect from the designs that you provide us.

Personalization Gifting Options available with VURO

Currently, VURO offers its customers the option to order personalized products in the form of 3D printed lithophane keychains, backlit photo frames and lamps. To know what else you can personalize, visit and go through the entire website. All the products provided here can be customized for your requirements. Using its latest 3D printers, VURO will ensure that your customization is done with the in the best way possible as is the case with all its products.

Trends are changing quickly now. From generic gifts we have now moved to customized gifts. Instead of doing what everyone else does and getting a mug or T-shirt printed, you now have the chance to move a step further and embrace the latest 3D technology in giving personalized gifts to your employees, vendors, prospects and loyal customers. Being a front runner sure gives you certain brownie points!