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Vuro welcomes you to the most amazing and exciting 3D Design Challenge ever and dares you to compete and test your skills with the leading 3D designers in the Industry.We're looking for the most impressive, creative and fun 3D prints you can possibly come up with, so show off your unique sense of design by creating something incredible, nostalgic and stylish by your own, with one catch - they need to be successfully printable. This contest is restricted to Home Decor and Art, so, play around that and show us your creativity.It's a great opportunity to have your designs appreciated and loved by people all over the world. All you need to do is create a design that wows the panel of judges and audience around the globe.

Winner Announcement
The result of the Contest will be declared on 15th December, 2017. The list of participant winning the Contest will be posted on VURO's official website. The designs submitted by the contestants will be judged entirely in the sole and absolute discretion of VURO. Decisions made by VURO are final.


  • Rs.5000


  • Rs.3000


  • Rs.1000


  1. There is no fee to enter the challenge.

  2. Entrants can submit as many unique entries as they would like.

  3. The object must be deemed 3D printable by VURO.

  4. Design should fit in 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (X,Y,Z) build area.

  5. Design submitted to VURO should not be previously used in any other contest.

Submit your design

  1. You can upload files with these file extensions only (stl)

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